Book of abstracts (pdf)


Wednesday 18.09.2019


Registration + coffe

17:00 Eli Barkai Introduction to the quantum first detection problem
17:30 Satya Majumdar Stochastic resetting
18:00-20:00   Get together meeting
Thursday 19.09.2019
9:30 Martin Evans Active Interface Equations
10:00 Horacio S. Wio Fluctuation Theorems for Systems without Stationary PDF: KPZ case
10:20 Annie Lemarchand Competition between cancer and immune system cells in an inhomogeneous system: A thermostatted kinetic theory approach
10:40 Oded Farago Single particle diffusion in periodic potentials
11:00   Coffe break
11:30 Reimer Kuehn Of Brains and Markets
12:00 Vittoria  Sposini Mimicking heterogeneous diffusion with time dependent random diffusivity
12:20 Emanuele Penocchio Thermodynamic Efficiency in Dissipative Chemistry
12:40 Gabriel Morgado Cross-diffusion in concentrated reactive systems revealed by perturbation of FKPP wave front
13:00   Lunch
14:30 Kirone Mallick Exact results on  Quantum Walks
15:00 Felix Thiel Non-Hermitean and Zeno limit of the quantum first detection problem
15:30-15:50 Marcin Łobejko Fundamental limitations of the step quantum heat engine
18:30-22:00   Conference dinner
Friday 20.09.2019
9:30 Marcin Zagórski How is information decoded in developmental systems?
10:00 Piotr Garbaczewski Lévy flights in steep potential wells: Langevin modeling versus direct reponse to energy  landscapes
10:20 Agnieszka Kamińska Levy walk with rests: Escape from bounded domain
10:40 Katarzyna Górska The Volterra type equation related to the non-Debye relaxation
11:00   Coffe break
11:30 Juan MR Parrondo Maxwell demons in phase space
12:00 Krzysztof Ptaszyński Entropy Production in Open Systems: The Predominant Role of Intra-Environment Correlations
12:20 Łukasz Kusmierz Dynamical mean field theory of neural networks with power-law disorder
12:40 Andrzej Krawiecki q-Neighbor Majority-Vote Model on Complex Networks
13:00   Lunch
14:30   Poster session + drinks & snacks
16:30 Alexander Dubkov Problems in creating adequate stochastic model of memristors
17:00 Danuta Makowiec Machine learning methods in estimates of heart rate variability
17:30-17:50 Janusz Szwabiński Classification of diffusion modes in single particle tracking data: feature based vs. deep learning approach
18:00   Closing ceremony + Best poster award announcement



Book of abstracts

The book of abstacts is available in the pdf format:

Book of abstracts


Poster session

The poster session is scheduled on Friday 20.09.2019 at 14:30. It is possible to display poster during the wole Symposium. During the conference there will be the best poster competition (with the award).